College Student Journal

I usually write down some thoughts into a small journal that I take in my backpack everywhere I go. I only began to think of maybe doing a public journal to overcome some of my shyness and be more open with my words.

I am a first generation college student who is studying to become a Biologist. The first year of my college experience was a rough one as I considered myself lost as an Accounting major, then it wasn’t until I got into an accident that only excasperated the personal problems I was having when I finally realized my passion was the science of life.

Who I am?

  • I come from a small town and made average grades in high school and decided to stick to a local university instead of going up north like all most of my friends.
  • I didn’t make a lot of friends in high school and usually was a quiet kid who’s only extraciricullar activity was the marching band.
  • I don’t regret not making so many friends as I have found a couple quality relationships that have lasted for many years and hopefully many more to come.
  • I enjoy reading and studying and just college in general, of course there are times when I sit back and take a pessimistic view on the whole idea of taking out large loans to attend a school in the hopes of finding a high paying job. I do sometime wish my family was rich and powerful, but at the moment we are only a resilient middle class family with a healthy dynamic between me, my brother, and parents.
  • Overall I do take in pride in where I’m from and I am happy with the challenges that I have overcome and feel like I am on the right path in pursuing a science degree.

Look, the reason I am writing this is to hopefully connect with people about how they are doing in contemporary life, my goal is to create a little avenue where I along with anybody else can share a little about themselves. I will write about world politics, share some of my favorite Youtube videos, do the occasional review of a book, movie, or tv show. Most of this journal will consist of personal thoughts and experiences that will sometimes dip into the more edgier side of content, for I beleive myself to be not normal in my way of thinking. We’ll see though if I can break out of my shell of keeping my thoughts bottled up. I hope though that I will grow in this experience and will look back on it as something that was completly worth my time and effort alongside my studies.

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