Thoughts regarding the El Paso Shooting

Police outside the scene.

As of writing this memoir, twenty people have been confirmed to have died in today’s incident, and over two dozen more injured by a lone wolf shooter. Another tragic example of gun violence here in the United States, and as a citizen of this country I was already sort of expecting another one of these domestic terrorism events to occur again.

I know that sounds as though I have become desensitized to these sorts of things, but to be honest whenever one of these things happen, the usual things happen, CNN or Fox News reels are the recommended videos in my YouTube feed and they usually include the same people giving commentary over loops of footage that go on for a couple minutes until the next possible update is made available. Then when info becomes scarce, we usually put the phone down and go on with our daily lives for a bit and forget about it.

It won’t be until later that I’ll remember to look up the death toll and learn that now this shooting is ranked among the top ten most lethal attacks on record in the United States. A devastating statistic on it’s own, but again this is just the sort of things you expect now in a hyper violent world. I learned a little while ago that the suspect in custody is a 21 year old kid from over 600 miles away that published a manifesto before he committed his heinous act, and it leaves me wondering how in the fuck did this guy not kill himself before being captured.

This is crazy, imagine you being so pathetic and miserable that you have to try and rationalize your insane thoughts before committing something so monstrous at a young age. Granted I am 20 years and wish I could unleash my wrath on the world sometimes, but I know my life ain’t that worthless to throw it all away like that and gun down civilians like this lunatic.

The usual public responses are in order, from mass decrying of the gun violence in America to the public choked up responses by officials on national television. If you go on Twitter, you will always see a multitude of different responses by both sides of the political spectrum, same old show that we have seen over and over again. We will never hear the end of this being only an “American” problem, which I do agree with, but not due to the fact of there being too many guns on the street, its the fact that some of the population has lost faith in themselves and begun to venture off into the more darker sides of psychological sufferings exasperated by our consumer culture that rules this country.

We live in a new age.

With the advent of military style weaponry readily available to the population, either through legal or illegal means, it should come as no surprise that certain people should not be allowed to have them or else things like this happen. It’s only a matter of time before someone with a higher intelligence than these lone wolves will use an advanced form of technology to commit an act of terror that will dwarf all others, such technologies include genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, biological warfare, and cyber warfare to cause some real everlasting damage.

When the time comes, that sort of attack will allow for a social revolution that we have never seen before, don’t you see? The authorities could use that to clamp down even harder and instill totalitarian norms into society to keep us sheeple in check, I intend to not be among the sheep, I hope you’ll be there with me friends, perhaps then we can instill real change that will finally give order to this god forsaken world.

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