Purpose in a world without any.

Don’t you ever think about the world around you and think to yourself. Why am I here? Why this body and the curse of being inside this tomb of a being? What is so special about you and I?

If I have learned anything from the great redeemer know as Science. It is that you and I are not special, and that the evolution of our species is not some divine creation by an incomprehensible force. Nature shows us that everything is imperfect and full of mistakes, our species have been gifted the ability to think and dream, but trust me friends, that is our curse.

This curse of wanting more and more than our abhorrent minds can take. A curse of never being satisfied with anything and searching for something else other than what is in front of us. A curse of doubt and despair that will haunt us until we die and return us to the dust from which we came.

Don’t you see!

We are forever doomed to suffer at the hands of one another, even thousands of years from now, we will never be happy and complacent with our gifts and luck. For we are weak feeble creatures who in reality live lies and pander to the grand illusion of life.

Personally I feel as if you and I had a purpose in this life, it takes a hell of a lot more than what we give to this world. I hope to see the fruits of my work and yours. Why do this and walk along this path of suffering? Well I suppose probably that’s the point, life wasn’t meant to be so easy. Only the strong live and the weak die, we all grow our wings eventually and fly amongst the skies with our dreams and eat the fruits of our enlightenment.

Long may it be that you and I survive and prosper. Long may it be that you and I fight through today’s meaningless world and come out on the other side free from the chains of our imprisonment here. Long live me and you till the ends of the Universe.

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