Why are we here?

A question all can relate to, but one that must be asked over and over again? I don’t care friends! Ask this question again and again and know that the answer is something we probably will never understand.

Friends, physical wealth and selfish ambitions are what blinds us from contemplating our place in the universe. Understand that you and I are just as lucky to be alive and our sentience is nothing special to all the life that has been on this 4.5 billion year old planet. Your form of a being is only a loose connection of molecular material that we barely understand. Your collection of atoms that make up your body and everybody else is just a floating mass aimlessly bound for an unknown fate.

Looking at other species and realizing that they are just as special compared to you and I. We are all just spectators in a grand game, the universe will keep on existing without that bug you squashed on the way to class. The same could be said for us, if there is a higher power out there in the everlasting cosmos, perhaps we are just to low on the evolutionary scale to even comprehend the grandeur and majesty of such a thing.

The eventual heat death of the universe will see to it that all life shall perish in the blackness of the abyss, but will there be a spark to light up our next stage of life and commit us to have another and far better rebirth.

I hope to find the grandness that will illuminate this life for me and I hope you find yours too. We have a destiny to achieve and the journey is the most important aspect of our lives.

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