A New World

I wish I could give you the world my friends. You deserve all the love and joy in the world, but you and I know that the path to our happiness is frought with pain and misery.

Heavens Gate is only an infinite distance from your current destination. Know that me and you are in reality free and the paths we have ahead of us are being traveled by every sentient being in this universe.

Your race, IQ, wealth, upbringing, and education is not what matters. What you do with this short life is essential for your next life in these cosmos!

It is true that we are made in the mirror image of our creator, if the study of science tells you anything, our creator is imperfect, and know that your imperfections are the most human thing about you and I. Our broken world is not your fault, but it is only natural entropy.

Live to know that the world can be made anew by our own minds, that is the divine gift of our God, and you will have the peace you seek. I hope you and I can create a better world, for our mere existence is a monumental blessing not even the most despicable thoughts and destructive tendencies can squash.

Thank you for reading my thoughts and comments on the world around us. Have a great day.

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