Chinese Communist Party releases controversial morality guidelines for citizens.

Xi Jingping, President of The People’s Republic of China and General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chinese government has released a list of guidelines to its citizens, the first to be seen in almost two decades. Controversy arises in the Chinese state every so often, from the massive surveillance state apparatus and the “credit system” put in place to dissuade dissidence within the population. These guidelines are intended to bolster party support and patriotism and include items such as “actively practice the green production lifestyle,” “strengthen the construction of online content” and carry out “good social customs” while traveling and in public places, laid out by the outline.

The steps China is taking towards ever more totalitarian control is frightening to say the least, compared to the western world, China is heading to a future where adherence to the government is rewarded and where dissenting ideas are not tolerated. The party states they are trying to maintain “traditional values”, but many would argue that this heavy handed approach for control is creating a society that is losing its identity to “Marxist ideals”.

Me as a Westerner will have a biased view against the Chinese government, but most of us can agree that the future doesn’t seem all that bright for the citizens of China. Yes the country has seen vast economic and social advancement since the fall of the Soviet Union, its biggest rival/ally, but things are different in this era of hyper advancement of technology and with more powerful rivals such as the United States.

Tools like these guidelines will only fuel the flames of polarization in the world and will lead to a new cold war between the United States, Russia, and China. The next one may even be more brutal compared to the last one and only time will tell which powers will be left standing.

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