Done with another semester

It has been a stressful year, but I thank the heavens I am done with school for this year and will have five weeks of much needed rest until the next semester comes along.

Did really well this semester with two A’s and two B’s, couldn’t be happier with the progress that I have made and I am happy to say that I am halfway through with this degree. I still need more time and will be done in about two years, but my god, its been an enlightening ride so far, with all this brand new knowledge and confidence in myself, I feel good and ready for the next challenges to come my way.

I have been slacking off with this blog a bit and I blame school for it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, I will be posting two book reviews soon. During the semester I was able to finish Frank Herbert’s Dune and Alistair Reynolds House of Suns. I will be doing an in depth review of both of these science fiction novels.

I thank anyone reading this and wish you nothing but a blessed holiday season with you and your families this year and hope you have a good end to this decade.

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