Coronavirus is now affecting me personally.

Healthcare worker aiding in containment efforts.

Not only has the current outbreak of Covid-19 reached a critical point on a global scale with over a hundred thousand confirmed cases worldwide. Now people around the world are panic buying essential goods and causing critical shortages that will have lasting impacts to the social structure of our everyday lives. Anybody with a brain knows without a doubt that the numbers are not accurate at all considering the R-0 of this virus is speculated to be much higher that SARS.

Now in my personal endeavors as a college student, my semester has official moved online instead of lectures due to fears that this virus will spread in the coming months. I am well aware that this is only the beginning of the infection and it is forecasted that the illness will continue to grow ever more exponentially globally. This is only exasperated by the sheer incompetence of the World Health Organization and the CDC with no extreme measures of detection being implemented that will aid in containment of this pathogen.

The terrifying part of this whole crisis is the efforts that the media and government officials are taking to downplay the severity of the illness with comments such as ” its like the flu”. Look guys when such draconian measures were implemented to control the outbreak in the most repressive regime in the world, that was enough for me to know that this was not Influenza. Even the Communist Party of China is postponing there annual meeting for the first time in decades, while controlling the flow of information and obviously low-balling numbers to control the narrative. Only the most ignorant of us would deny that we have a huge problem on our hands. Even with this whole debacle still raging on, I am optimistic that the international community and the American public will overcome this biological threat. I am also extremely interested to see what happens when this is all over, heads will roll in governments around the world and great change will come in the aftermath of the pandemic. I am hopeful to read this post in the future and look back at this time when I was a college student living through history as the world was wholly unprepared for a threat that has been with us since the dawn of civilization.

I will continue to practice good hand hygiene and inform everyone I can about the seriousness of this disease and will try to keep me and my family prepared for anything. I hope whoever reads this post will do the same and look at all the data that point to an unfathomable escalation of this viral infection.

Please keep you and yours safe in the months to come.

Official WHO live tracking of the infection.

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