Even ISIS discourages travel to Europe.

Residents wearing masks in Baghdad, Iraq.

Reports have claimed that the Middle Eastern terrorist organization has ordered its agents to steer clear of mainland Europe, calling it a ” land of the plague”, in its online newsletter. This coming after Europe was named by the World Health Organization as “the epicenter of the coronavirus” last friday (3-13-20) afternoon. With over 150,000 confirmed cases around the world, extreme measures have been taken by many European nations with more complete nationwide lockdowns on there way in the region.

International authorities are facing grim decisions around the world and will test leaders on whether or not they can handle this fluid health crisis affecting the entire world. The last thing anybody expects is the decision by a terrorist group to deem it too dangerous for there agents to not continue operations in “hostile territory”. Whether this is great news for anti terrorism operations or a sure sign that this pandemic has reached “biblical levels” is yet to be seen.

Please take the necessary precautions for the inevitable escalation of this virus and keep you and yours safe.



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