Italy death toll continues to climb while China reports dwindling case numbers.

Healthcare worker in Italy putting on a mask.

As of March, 15, 2020 there are 170,000 confirmed cases and over 6,500 deaths of Covid-19 globally on all continents except for Antarctica. Italy reports a rise in deaths by over 350 fatalities in just one day, while China reports an increase in 16 cases and 14 fatalities.

Global markets continue to downturn as all global exchanges still do not have the support to recover from losses sustained over the first two weeks of March. It is my opinion that we are in the midst of the black swan event that was so dreaded by central banks around the world and what will cause the next global recession.

I was shopping at my local store and getting some canned food and cereal for the coming weeks when I asked the cashier what he thought of this entire crisis. He told me that “it has been abnormally busy for such a sleepy border town”. I asked him to imagine what we will think of this crisis 20 years down the line, then it dawned on me.

What about all the people that won’t see the end of this pandemic, I know it is a downer, but looking and hearing about all the numbers of cases on the news really desensitizes us from the true social impacts a virus like this has on all it’s victims. What about there families? And the sheer number of events that had to lead up to each person contracting the disease with an innumerable sets of circumstances that will lead to so much death and destruction across the globe. It is only a matter of time before we know the true extent of this outbreak when we overcome this pathogen.

Please keep you and your safe and prepare as much and efficiently as possible.


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