A Dreadful Historic Moment for the United States just happened…

The United States has officially surpassed China’s “confirmed” tally of Coronavirus cases with over 85,000 infected and over a 1,000 dead as of March 26, 2020.

With the world economy and major governments around the world at the mercy of this virus, a new dawn is upon us all. What do I mean? Well lets look at the numbers and their projections. Health officials in the US have been stating, arbitrarily, I might add, that the peak of this viral infection will reach its maximum by Easter or mid-May, famously by the President himself. They are clearly panicking and are just guessing what the outcome of this pathogen is, we will be lucky if the number of infections does slow down by then in the United States. The logarithmic scale of this virus is absolutely astounding and it will only get worse until it gets better.

The reality of this situation has hit people now since its not only common folk that have come down with symptoms, but also celebrities which shows the world that this thing will hit anybody. Hell even the heir to the English throne, Prince Charles, has contracted the disease.

With the economy in shambles and our health infrastructure buckling, its only a matter of time before even more drastic measures are taken here in the United States like what China has done with it’s massive population. The social and political ramifications of a global pandemic like this will be felt for decades to come, and I fear that it will cascade into world stages our society has never seen before.

God bless all of you who took the time to read my rants and thoughts. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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