A piece of inspiration by Juan Cardoza

I read a book once that had a passage in it that encapsulates my thoughts on the stars above us. The paragraph was in a flashback chapter by the narrator and in it, she recanted what her mother used to say about the expansive nature of the universe.

A glittering reef of stars, spread out phosphorescent, and each one might have life on it, planets revolving around them. There might even be people like us, looking at the night sky. It was what my mother said sometimes-to be mindful that the universe beyond still existed, that we did not know what lived there, and it might be terrible to reconcile ourselves to knowing so little of it, but that didn’t mean it stooped existing. There was something else beyond all this, that would never know us or our struggles, never care, and that it would go on without us. My mother had found that idea comforting.

Borne – Jeff VanderMeer

This type of mindset brings me comfort in a strange way, even when we are suffering from the consequences of our own actions. At least they are our own burdens to circumvent and overcome, life goes on and the future is not the blackness but the light we shine upon ourselves.

The next time you look up into the night sky and catch a glimpse of the stars, remember that the only reason we exist are those tiny twinkles of light.