The Horror Of A Thousand Suns

It has been days since the world has gone black, as if the whole world fell under a shadow. Electricity still ran throughout the world apparently, the mainstream media was constantly reporting on the fact that the this was a global phenomena.

Of course, this was of supernatural origin as it seemed that even the sun’s rays refused to shine on the Earth, but still provide the much needed warmth to the planet’s surface. Panic and terror struck the world, as droves of people decided that it was the apocalypse and took the easy way out.

I wished I was brave enough to end my life as well, but I was still alive and breathing, the only difference was that I was never going to see my full shadow ever again. For days I would hear gunshots and screams around my apartment, wondering whether they were the sounds of suicide.

I came to realize that this new world was full of unimaginable terror and sorrow when I heard the rumblings of something crash and burn outside my windows. Then I saw it, the light, a blinding ray of what seemed to be sunshine in the street below.

I took a peak through my blinds and was enthralled at what was walking down the road, a being made of pure light. Whatever it was, it had a human form with skin that seemed to glow with a heavenly aura in the darkness. It came to a stop when a man came out slowly in absolute shock at what stood just outside his home, “Are you an angel?” he said. The being stared straight ahead with indifference to the man, as if he wasn’t there. I could only spot the outline of hands and feet in the aura of what I saw, the human-like creature then moved his head with serpent speed towards the man to his right.

The man didn’t have a chance to register what happened next, the angel stuck his hand through his chest and ripped out his heart. The angel then let the man fall to his knees with a look of sheer calmness in the man’s face, before slowly levitating into the air.. This sight alone was enough for me to know I should get ready for the inevitable, I was struck with such an attraction for death. The sight of this angel told my entire existence to head to the roof of my apartment, as I reached the entrance to the roof, I saw the most beautiful thing in the world standing before me.

I was looking at my own face, every single thing I lived with for my entire life was peering at me with an astral glow. In that moment, I realized what was above me in the sky, an uncountable array of glowing bodies which resembled the stars. I saw that the beings in my immediate vicinity held something in their handsI knew what came next. In my darkest of nights and brightest of days nothing compared to what was before me, I don’t know if its the almighty sending his pawns down to the Earth, to gather his remaining children in the most sinister of ways before……. what? I didn’t want to know.

In the most superb of show of all history, the almighty had his angels in the sky resonate with a synchronous array of what seemed to be equal magnitudes of intensity shine before me. THE HORROR OF A THOUSAND SUNS blinded me, I saw the most beautiful thing any human has ever seen before I felt the plunge into my chest by my doppelganger and was at peace.

This was a story that I wanted to write a manuscript eventually for a while now. I know that my writing sucks, but don’t worry, I will get so much practice during this crisis.

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