A light in the darkness

This semester for me started out incredibly strong with a strong emphasis on time management and stronger study techniques. This whole situation was turned upside down by this virus for my last month of the Spring Semester, with everything turning into remote classes and different formatted exams. I am more fond of face to face interactions in my classes, but this has become an unforeseen inconvenience.

I would say that through all this strife and hardship the world is facing, I definitely have taken a large step back on my situation and realize how fortunate me and my family have been through this crisis so far. I have learned that there are miracles present around us every single day, now more than ever I have taken this advice to heart. So I hope you and yours have little miracles every single day during all this MADNESS.

Perhaps after this crisis is over, there very well be a revitalization in humanity’s spirituality, a circumstance that I would welcome with completely open arms. I think that people will go on and change individual perspectives of there lifestyles and the way they see themselves concerning their relationships to societies. Most importantly, I think clans of people will become inseparable after this, friends and families will become ever closer.

Honestly, the next time I see my friends from school again, I will hug them and tell them I missed them. I will always respect the measures my teachers take to help us learn and appreciate what the school does to keep us engaged and safe.

I hope all of you get to do the same with your loved ones every singe day.

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