Westworld Season 3 Finale

I thought this season was a great addition to the world of Westworld. Its futuristic setting and mind boggling twists and turns made me feel like this was an actual representation of our world, from the point of view of sentient robots.

The season was still not a great as the first season, but I still found it enjoyable to watch. The characters are good, the story is very interesting, especially the implications of technology in our modern world. I loved the whole Incite story line, the artificial intelligence aspect of this season and its future predictability is an interesting parallel to our modern world.

I still think Evan Rachel Wood is magnificent, a perfect choice for Dolores. Thandie Newton is still awesome, alongside Jeffrey Wright and all the other original characters from the first seasons. I was pleased with Aaron Paul’s performance as Caleb throughout this season, I still don’t know about the choice he made in the end though.

Before this season, I was worried about what HBO was going to do, since Dolores was going out into the real world. I am happy to say that this season was definitely worthy of my time and fits into the whole theme of “choice.” I am interested in a fourth season, but I wonder what this means to other members of the fanbase?

Will they stay on board after another confusing season of one of the best shows on television.? I know I will. It’s one of the most interesting futuristic/cyberpunk show I have ever fallen in love with.

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