Your Last Day On Earth

As you were reading a fine book in the pleasant morning sun, a sudden but intense feeling arose up inside you. Perhaps it was something you ate; a tense moment awashed with mixed emotions flushed through you.

The twilight sun shines through your window, the pages in your hands felt as though they were nonexistent in your hands. The binding of your book slipped from your desolate hands onto your living room floor, then you see it.

A blinding flash of light races across the window screen and illuminates the entire room. You close your eyes for a moment to recover from that iridescent light. As you stumble to get up, you hit your ankle on the middle table. Landing on your face beside the table, you feel a rumble, as though something shook you to your core.

A sudden realization surfaced in your mind, that light that blinded you, it’s still outside your window. You get up to fully gain a grasp of what is happening, you move your hand in front of your face to fully visualize the mushroom cloud in the distance.

The inspiring story of your life unfolds and repeats itself over and over again in your mind as you see this destroyerof worlds. We have done it, finally after all this time. The greatest enemy to humanity has always been itself, in a hellfire of an instant, your life is over.

Then the shockwave hits, you are hit with the force of a thousand mile winds. You now know what death is, a nothingness that has awaited you since the beginning of your life. Then you see it. You think you know what it is, it looks like a rose of light, you have no words to describe the feelings and emotions that you experience in that moment, but you know that as you see this manifestation of immortal love and peace. You let go……… and are free.

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