My Review of Children of Dune by Frank Herbert

The Dune saga is essential for any science fiction reader, and if you loved the first book then the next two books are definitely worth the effort to read.

I would personally say that Children of Dune is the best out of the first three books. Herbert’s world building and prolific imagery is arguably the best part of the this series.

The story takes place nine years after Dune Messiah, Alia Atreides rules the Empire as Regent until Paul’s twins are of age. These twins are preborn, which basically means they hold millions of years of genetic memories and experiences from their ancestors. The novel is about their battles against the mysterious forces that think the Atreides need to be removed. While all of this is going on, the twins have there own plans, one in which all of humanity will be headed down a “Golden Path.”

The most compelling topics in Dune are on full display in this installment, genetic memories, prescience, ecological transformation, philosophical and religious speculation, and massive social questions. Those moments were the most gripping parts of the story for me, I was always awestruck by the complexities and directions the book took me on. It is so interesting to ponder on the questions Herbert raised in these novel, and I can’t wait to read God Emperor of Dune.

If you havent read Dune yet, please do if you are even remotely interested. I promise you that you won’t regret it. Stay safe and take care anyone who reads this.


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