Colleges are making a mistake?

I recently read an article from the Atlantic by an actual college president highlighting the delusional nature of many universities around the country wanting to reopen in the Fall. Michael Sorrell states that “we should not let our own financial and reputational worries cloud our judgment about matters of life and death,” during this immense health crisis. These decisions by administrators will ultimately lead to more damage to our already faltering system, but it will be the test of the century for all of us.

I agree with many of the articles points and wish to share this piece, which frankly I don’t think I expected to read before my final stretch of college. I only need a little bit more time to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences, but I feel as though with this crisis over all our heads, I do not know what to expect for the coming years.

If colleges do not make the right choices to discontinue to obvious upward trend this virus will have in the coming year, then this will be the true testament to the higher education system. When financial incentives overtook our sense of safety and led to more pain and misery?

Everybody stay safe and please keep away from each other…


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