My review of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Want to know the answer to the Great Question? Read this classic and prepare for an outrageous story with colossal scale and a truly funny adventure by the disheveled Arthur Dent. First on Earth trying to prevent the destruction of his house for the continuation of a highway, then inexplicably the Earth is destroyed to make way for a galactic freeway propelling him onto an adventure an Earthman would never have imagined. Full of memorable moments of humor and sometimes surprisingly deep philosophical ideas about the universe as whole.

There were so many times while reading this book that I had to stop reading and burst out laughing. Adam’s has an amazing imagination for an extremely funny story with so many twists and turns that you will never see coming. No wonder this book is considered a classic of science fiction, of course at times it’s hard to believe most of the concepts in this story, but I believe it will forever be a testament to what kind of comedy the realm of scifi can accomplish. Overall it is a humorous tale that is definitely worth the effort to read. One of the most insane stories I have read in a long time, I think everybody needs to read this book, just for fun..


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