My Review of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Earth.

Let me start by saying that this series of books has been a huge inspiration for me, especially to start new things and to always look for more scifi adventures to immerse myself in. Reading the first three books will always be a great memory to have while attending my first years of university, the world is vast, rich, and full of memorable characters.

I have to say though, that the fifth addition to this breathtaking series is one of the hardest to read in my opinion. It is obvious to readers of the first books, that this book really steps away from what made the first three so memorable. The story is so compact and doesn’t feel as grand as the other stories, what I mean is that we are only allowed , as readers, to follow the perspective of a few characters in ONE journey. Gone are the days when something important would be happening to one character across the galaxy, while another is slowly inching towards another goal that will create an interesting conflict with another arc. Also since this story only takes place over a couple weeks, I began to think perhaps the whole Seldon Plan was forgotten by the author himself at certain points.

The book starts as soon as the last one ends, with Golan Trevize, Janov Pelorat, and Bliss going off on a wild goose chase across the stars to find the legendary birth place of humanity itself. This premise is pretty much the entire story, no political intrigue, or wild twists and turns, just a road trip of sorts with interesting surprises. I can concur though that some of the planets our heroes visit are fascinating to catch up on, since some were in other Asimov works. Above all what happened to Earth and the ramifications of what our characters find out about our home planet is definitely worth the read, but it is obvious that Asimov himself had no interest in this story after the original trilogy, besides monetary gain.

I read the ending and was completely floored by the menacing tone all of a sudden on display in the last sentence. You will want to keep reading, but this sadly will never happen. Asimov himself never continued the series after this point and I will forever ponder what could have been created if given the time. In all honesty though, I enjoyed the heck out of it, but sometimes found it hard to keep on going. I will continue the series and keep on hoping for a fantastic resolution to this series.

Thank you all for reading and taking the time to read my lame review, take care and stay safe.

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