It’s been a while…

Yeah, its been a minute since I’ve been on my own website. Hope everyone is doing well and still chugging along in this great expanse.

But first things first, my experiences in the last few months of this pandemic definitely are ones to remember.

School has been interesting, pure online classes are something that needs no introduction to anyone acquainted with the issue. I still do feel like the tuition rates should be lowered if this is the norm for this coming year! I mean c’mon really, do they really expect the same quality in this environment. Not that this format is easier, but sometimes seeing that many things are due over the course of an entire week is sometimes intimidating to experience.

Of course it ain’t all bad. Me and mine have been well and the future seems bright as ever, I hope yours are doing well too.

That story idea…

You know sometimes I think of writing a story, a science fiction story about noble families or fallen heroes. I have this idea about a story about an heir to a planet being betrayed by lifelong friends. I even have a house name, House Carnon. Its based off of my last name of course, and I feel like I have the friend’s names and their respective house names aswell.

I debate on whether to have hyper advanced technology in my story or not. Androids and supercomputers interest me, but I think Dune has showed me that you don’t need crazy technology to write stories about surreal concepts of humanity.

I want a story with human characters and unbelievable stakes involved, it is going to be a planetary fief after all. I want you to imagine you and your family ruling over an entire planet? Can you imagine the culture that would arise within the population if a single family had complete control over the planetary system? Think of the politics and wealth involved, the sheer complexity of such a system? I would imagine that the main characters would have to be a super class of human beings.

What would set them apart from the rest? Heightened intelligence and increased strength would be properties of this hypothetical upper class. Would this be possible just through genetics or exclusive technology that only the elite can attain? Would this be a monarchy or something completely new? I mean just think about it.

I would like my story to have this sort of aesthetic! Insane displays of wealth and power with a hint of subtlety and grace sprinkled around the edges. Traits I think that technology will eventually grant most of humanity in the neat future.

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