A plebs review of cryptocurrency.

Credit to coinmarketcap.com

Let me be frank in by saying that I am a complete pleb when it comes to cryptocurrency. Sure, I have a Coinbase account with some assets such as Ethereum and Stellar Lumens in my wallets, but besides that the main reason I am into it is to have a sure investment for my future. Yes, I do believe in the potential of the technology and the implications it has for the future of finance, but you have to understand that like many newbies to the space, we are mostly regular people that see a clear financial gain in owning some part of the action.

My idea of money has changed ever since I learned about blockchain, as I am sure more and more of you will eventually join this camp of thinking. The idea that a decentralized economy is the future of finance is surely appealing to many people. We need change to the way we all see money. Current activities in the stock markets, like WallStreetBets and the explosive growth of Gamestop stock, and the institutions actions against retail customers have highlighted the centralized nature of the current mainstream economy.

What is it really?

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that act as a medium of exchange backed by cryptography that secure the transaction records on a ledger acting as a database, a blockchain. Unlike traditional currencies, nobody distributes cryptocurrencies, it is a decentralized control protocol that allows for a public transaction database. This idea is revolutionary due to the fact that no central authority controls these currencies, it is all on a decentralized platform that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

Why its so appealing.

Let’s not lie to ourselves, the reason many institutions are now giving more attention to the market is the fact that it is indeed very lucrative. We have all heard of people that bought Bitcoin at extremely low prices and are now worth millions of dollars.

We all want to be that person and frankly I will end the narrative there. I hope that my current investments allow me to open up a business and make a better life for me and my own. I hope this opportunity appeals to you as well.

What about those people?

Do you know about the Unabomber, aka Ted Kaczynski? He was a man that sent bombs in the mail all around the US, killing three people and injuring 23. Now something about him that struck me as extremely strange was his motives were to stop the spread of modern technology. He was an anarchist that…

I have to get back to this!

I think its time for me to start this process over again. I need to look closely at what this blog means to me and implement a better balance to my work life. Hopefully this will change soon. Thank you.

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