Reports have claimed that the Middle Eastern terrorist organization has ordered its agents to steer clear of mainland Europe, calling it a ” land of the plague”, in its online newsletter. This coming after Europe was named by the World Health Organization as “the epicenter of the coronavirus” last friday (3-13-20) afternoon. With over 150,000 […]

Not only has the current outbreak of Covid-19 reached a critical point on a global scale with over a hundred thousand confirmed cases worldwide. Now people around the world are panic buying essential goods and causing critical shortages that will have lasting impacts to the social structure of our everyday lives. Anybody with a brain […]

After months of protests by the citizens of Hong Kong, yet another line was crossed by the Chinese government. Students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong were under seige on Tuesday night following the arrests of five students the day prior. This escalation in the violence by the Hong Kong police against the future […]